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Navigating the Evolution: Amazon’s New Era for Dietary Supplement Regulations

Amazon’s Dietary Supplement Requirements Overhauled

In response to growing concerns over the safety and accuracy of dietary supplements sold on its platform, Amazon has implemented significant changes to its requirements for sellers. Previously, sellers were required to furnish Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from accredited laboratories for each product or demonstrate enrollment in an Independent Quality Certification Program. Additionally, they had to provide a Letter of Guarantee assuring compliance with regulations and accurate labeling. However, Amazon has now revised its policy, no longer accepting COAs directly from sellers. Instead, products certified to specific standards are automatically accepted, while others must undergo lab testing initiated through Amazon. Sellers now have the option to collaborate with designated testing organizations such as NSF International or Eurofins, streamlining the compliance process.

NSF International’s Seller Portal Simplifies the Process

Representatives from NSF International and Eurofins emphasize their dedication to providing comprehensive testing and certification services for dietary supplements. The streamlined process, facilitated through platforms like NSF’s Seller Portal, aims to assist sellers in meeting Amazon’s standards efficiently. Despite these changes, uncertainties remain regarding the exact testing requirements from partner labs, as noted in discussions on an Amazon Seller Central forum. Amazon has pledged to address these concerns in an upcoming live webinar. We will update our social media when the webinar is available.

The quality of dietary supplements available on Amazon has been a subject of ongoing debate, with companies like NOW Health Group and ChromaDex expressing concerns. NOW Health Group has expressed a keen interest in understanding the recent rule changes and their potential impact on their products. They stress the importance of clarity and sufficient time to adapt to the new policies.

Anticipating Regulatory Changes in Amazon’s Supplement Market

Looking ahead, the regulatory landscape for dietary supplements on Amazon is expected to continue evolving. As the e-commerce giant endeavors to bolster consumer trust and safety, sellers should anticipate further updates to compliance requirements. This may involve stricter standards for product testing, labeling, and certification. Increased collaboration between Amazon and regulatory bodies or third-party organizations is anticipated to ensure compliance and transparency. Sellers must stay abreast of these developments and proactively adjust their practices to align with emerging regulations.