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Join Montana Global Health in the Pet Probiotics Revolution!

Dear Partners and Brand Owners,

We are thrilled to invite you to be a part of an exciting venture with Montana Global Health, as we tap into the rapidly expanding market of pet probiotics. With a significant rise in pet owners’ focus on health, wellness, and functional ingredients, the opportunity for growth and innovation in this sector is immense.

Recent studies reveal that pet owners in the U.S. are now administering probiotics to their pets at rates comparable to their own usage. A 2024 study found that 53% of dog owners and 47% of cat owners are giving their pets probiotics, a dramatic increase from just three years ago. This trend underscores the growing emphasis on gut health and the transfer of health and wellness concepts from human nutrition to pet care.

Our research indicates that 58% of U.S. pet owners are familiar with probiotics and associate them with general pet health and wellness. Digestive health, in particular, is a major driver for probiotic use, with 51% of pet owners citing it as their primary reason for purchase. Additionally, 84% of pet owners actively seek out pet foods with probiotics, with 31% willing to switch brands to ensure their pets receive these beneficial ingredients.

The demand for pet probiotics is not limited to the U.S. Globally, digestive health claims are becoming increasingly prevalent in new pet food products. This presents a significant opportunity for us to expand our reach and influence in international markets. Montana Global Health is dedicated to meeting this growing demand by incorporating probiotics into pet supplements. Our goal is to provide high-quality, effective products that support pets’ health and wellness and helping pet owners make informed, health-conscious choices for their beloved companions.

We believe that by partnering with innovative brands and forward-thinking companies like yours, we can lead the charge in this booming market. Together, we can create products that not only meet the needs of today’s pet owners but also set new standards for pet health and wellness. Join us in this exciting journey to revolutionize care with the power of probiotics. Let’s collaborate to bring cutting-edge, functional products to pet owners worldwide.