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Bio Bottles, What They Are and Why We Are Proud to Offer Them

In a groundbreaking leap towards sustainability, Montana Global Health proudly offers BioBottles™! The world’s first-ever eco-friendly plastics that autonomously degrade! This revolutionary packaging solution not only champions environmental responsibility but also proves to be cost-effective. Developed with the cutting-edge Plastic IQ™ technology, BioBottles™ represent a paradigm shift towards greener alternatives without compromising on quality.

The Science Behind The Product

From their website: BioBottles™ present a sustainable substitute to traditional plastic bottles. Exposure to UV light, temperature, and oxygen triggers a transformative process. Their patented technology stimulates bacteria and microorganisms to perceive the plastic as a natural food source, resulting in accelerated decay. The outcome is a cleaner environment devoid of harmful chemical residues, recycling discarded plastic into oxygen, CO2, and renewable organic material.

Key Benefits

Shelf-stable for 5 years: Long-lasting without compromising on sustainability.

Made in the USA & 100% Recyclable: A commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

Similar cost to traditional plastic bottles: Sustainability without breaking the bank.

Leaves no microplastics behind: Minimizing environmental impact.

Variety in shapes, sizes & colors: Adaptable to diverse packaging needs.

FDA and food-grade compliant: Ensuring safety and quality standards.

The Process Unveiled

Plastic IQ™ Technology: Each BioBottle™ and BioCap™ is crafted with this innovative technology.

Degrading Mechanism: When discarded and unrecycled, exposure to UV light, oxygen, and microorganisms initiates degradation.

Microorganisms at Work: Fungi and bacteria, stimulated by their technology, perceive the plastic as a food source.

Complete Transformation: Once fully degraded, BioBottles™ leave behind no microplastics, converting into oxygen, carbon dioxide, and biomass composed of organically significant compounds. 

Ensuring Safety

100% food-grade compliance: Meeting or exceeding industry standards.

FDA compliance: Verification of being free from harmful chemicals.

Third-party testing: Rigorous quality control throughout the supply chain.

Regulatory compliance: Adhering to CFIA Regulation, European Union Regulation, and US Regulations (21 CFR 175.300, 177:1520, and 178:2010).


Montana Global Health is always looking for solutions to become more eco-friendly. That is why we are proud to offer this product to all our brand owners and clients. We are more than happy to discuss pricing and give you more information, just let us know!



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