We offer a variety of fulfillment services to meet almost any need. If you have a specific need that we don’t address here, please CONTACT US and we will work with you to find a solution.

White Labeling

Our scientific team is constantly working to develop the best supplement formulas possible. We have several Montana Global Health Branded products currently and we expect to add more on a regular basis. Our branded supplements are available for you to label as your own brand. We can assist you with the label design so you don’t have to worry about the supplement facts, UPC code, etc. Simply send your logo and any other design specifications to us and we can make a label that is unique to your business. Don’t forget we offer drop shipping as well so that is one more aspect that can save you time and money.

Private Labeling

We consider our MGH branded supplements as “proof of concept” for new and unique formulas in particular. Our products are never intended to compete with your products. Consider them base formulas that you can add other nutrients to if you wish to make a niche product of your own. If you feel our formula is as good as it needs to be, the white label option is an excellent choice. However, most clients have ideas of their own that we expect and appreciate. It’s not a problem at all to add or change our base formula slightly to meet your needs and desires. Our scientific formulation team is ready and able to help you design a product that is perfect for you and your customers.

Supplement Labels

FDA labeling requirements seem to change continually these days. Our job is to stay on top of the label specifications rules to make sure our clients don’t get into trouble. Our team can review your labels to make sure you are adhering to supplement label requirements. If you already have a label design, we can assist you with getting them printed in a format that works for your package size and shape. Our in-house label printer is great for doing small batches which will save you money versus using a label company that requires high minimums. You can trust us with all of your labeling needs which is one more aspect of your product specifications you don’t have to worry about.

Drop Shipping

Why have us ship your products to you and then have you ship them to your customers? We can box and ship to your customers more economically using our fulfillment line and discounted shipping rates. If you desire to have your own branded boxes, we can do that as well. Since we provide this service to a growing number of our clients, we get the best rates and can justify a larger shipping department than you may be able to do in-house. This will save you time and money, and get products to your customers in a more timely fashion. Your loyal customer base will be happy, you will be happy, and we are happy to provide this service.